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Scottish Relatives and Roots - professional genealogy and family history research

Professional Scottish Family History Research

How much do you know about your Scottish family roots and history, where they were born, and the places where they lived and worked?

Did they live locally or did they move within Scotland or emigrate to another part of the world?

Have you ever wondered about the people and families who may have lived in your house before?

Welcome to Scottish Relatives and Roots, an exciting genealogy and Scottish family history research business developed to help you discover your Scottish family roots.

Scottish Relatives and Roots is owned by Muriel Alexander and brings together 28 years of collective experience in family history research, map librarianship, information management, geography and higher education.

Whether you are starting from scratch, want to satisfy your curiosity or want to take your investigations further, Scottish Relatives and Roots can help you to discover more about your family and make those connections.

Based in Central Scotland, we are ideally placed to access the range of Scottish family history archives, offering a range of genealogy and family history research services to trace your ancestors whether they were based in Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, and other parts of the world including  North America, Australia and New Zealand.

When I asked Muriel Alexander to look into my late husband’s family history, little did I expect the depth of information that she would uncover from his great great grandfather in 1800 to the present day. Every detail was interesting, yet concise and fully recorded. A fascinating insight into all aspects of the last two centuries.

As I wanted this information to pass on to my children and grandchildren I could not have wished for a better record than the one produced by Muriel.

Mrs Fiona Carrick-Anderson, Dunblane

An honours degree in Geography from the University of Edinburgh, a Masters in Information Management from the University of Sheffield, a 26 year career in Higher Education, and qualifications in Adult Guidance and Genealogical, Palaeographic and Heraldic Studies from the University of Strathclyde, are combined with an enthusiastic, thorough, professional and personalised approach to genealogical and family history research, and house history research in Scotland.

Your interest is valued and appreciated and we hope that we can help and support you in tracing your Scottish family’s ancestors wherever they lived.

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