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House Histories

House Histories can provide a unique account of the history of your home and its previous occupants or of a property at the heart of your family’s connections.

My interest in house histories was aroused when decorating the living room in our Edwardian terraced house in Glasgow and discovering the names of the builder and some of the previous occupants pencilled on the plaster beneath old wallpaper.

More recently the home I live in now in Stirlingshire was originally built in 1858, changed its name in the 1870s and hosted a number of occupants ranging from a Sheriff-Substitute, a minister and a Brigadier. It existed first as a private dwelling house, then rented to a number of individuals, owned again and subsequently bought by a local hotel which used the property for staff residencies before conversion into individual town house apartments.

It was fascinating to learn and understand its history, character and identity, its purpose and its range of owners and occupiers, revealing some interesting and notable individuals along the way.

If you would like to find out more about your house, the people who lived there and what they did, a house history will offer an ideal opportunity to obtain a full chronological account of the property, including its geographical location, social and economic context within which it was built and developed, and the story of the people who lived there, together with what they did and how they lived their lives.

This can make an ideal gift for a family or friend, a useful marketing tool to support any future sales of your home, or simply a personal and special document of the life, and lives, of your home.

Prices range from £200 to £500 depending on property

Contact me with your interests and for a quote – either by email or you can fill in our contact form here.

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